Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Holland The Poet

Raven on the bottle. The Poet. Sounds like New Holland styled their bottle to the likings of a drunk who married his thirteen year old first cousin. "Art in Fermented Form" the bottle claims. Hmm. We think they might be missing a 'F' somewhere but not at the end. Lame as that joke may be, the beer equals this.

The beer has the slightest kick and trails off into what a Guiness Light would taste like. The oats and chocolate charicteristics are hidden behind a creamy watery mess. In the bottle holds all things that make an oatmeal stout great but in our opinion, New Holland's Poet has the taste most Michigan fans have had lately. Shitty. We wear our Tressel vests.

Weak front to finish
A ligheter version of Guinness
Stumbles on its face
In someone else's cooler is its place
More lame than FDR's legs
A better beer, our lips do beg
Something that's flavor is heroic
Something that is not New Holland's The Poet
Nevermore will we drink this again.

Oz Scale: 5.1
Mike Scale: 5.2

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