Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lagunitas Brown Shugga

California is super cool to the homeless. They've got some tasty brews as well. However, living in Ohio limits the amount of west coast brews accessible to us. The most common being Sierra Nevada followed by Stone, Anchor and Lagunitas. Between us, we have tried two or three different Lagunitas with generally positive reviews. Our good friend Nick has come to help us with our review (also to be a grammar Nazi-- we didn't listen to him once.)

Today we sample Brown Shugga, a strong seasonal ale consisting of just five ingredients: barley, hops, brown sugar, yeast and water. It kicks in with a punch and doesn't let you down to the finish. As the glass becomes less full, the flavor only improves. The box claims a 9.9% ABV and 52.1 IBU while the bottle claims 9.5% ABV and 51.1 IBU. Regardless, this beer has a unique flavor that leaves us excited to try others from this brewery.

It does get style points for uniqueness but the hops inevitably eclipse the initial taste. This six pack is best enjoyed with friends because it is difficult to consume alone. In case you catch someone stealing some out of your fridge, please feel free to sing some Rolling Stones.

Oz Scale: 7.8
Mike Scale: 8.1
Nick Scale: 7.8


noisynoiseisnoisome said...

I'm tempted to leave a list of grammar and usage complaints. Fortunately (for you), "Shiny, Happy, People" put me in such a good mood I can't complain.

byroninbahrain said...

I'll give YOU some brown sugga.