Monday, September 6, 2010

Green Flash Imperial India Pale Ale

Green Flash, based out of Vista, CA, is a relatively new brewery to us. We have only had the opportunity to try their West Coast IPA and enjoyed it thoroughly. West coast style IPA's are a horse of a different color- a brutally bitter cousin to it's east coast counterpart. These are IPA's for IPA drinkers, something someone who usually swallows 60 Minute would spit back into their glass. We enjoy pretty much anything with the IPA name attached to it so naturally when Oz found Green Flash's Imperial IPA sitting on the shelf, he knew it had to be his.

IIPA is an amazingly bitter 101 IBU 9.4% ABV alcoholic beverage. It pours a nice light amber color and has a surprisingly sweet smell. When the happy juice hits the tongue you are left with bitter beer face. God, I love bitter beer face. This is nothing but hops and it isn't afraid to show you what it's got. This beer leaves your mouth dry begging for you to drink more of it's PineSol flavored brew.

This is a beer that is gladly merchandised in 22 oz bombers, a size best split with a good friend. A six pack or a four pack would leave you in some serious trouble as it is surprisingly drinkable for it's style and IBUs. This is a brutally bitter beer, not for the faint at heart, pregnant or nursing women or people unter the height of 60 inches. This is Slayer in a bottle- Jeff Hanneman shredding over some Kerry King licks while Dave Lombardo blasts over Tom Araya's shrieking wails.... but you know, with beer. Brutal.

Oz Scale: 8.0
Mike Scale: 8.0