Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bell's Sparkling Ale

A taste of the bubbly in a beer? How can you make a champagne style beer? Bells is brave enough to attempt the challenge with their American style Tripel. While our Champagne knowledge is limited, our proficiency of beer is great enough and we are up for the challenge for this winter seasonal.

The color and sediment is missing for a tripel. The punch hits in the middle and leaves a tingling feeling on the mouth. It is a little bland for a 9% ABV brew. The kick is reminiscent of a barleywine but doesn't have the negatives it is associated with. The taste lingers on the tip of the tongue with a sweet, fruity taste. However, it feels like a light ale that someone dropped some vodka into the barrel.

It is a unique style brew but doesn't seem to convince anyone of it's superiority. The brew could be more reminiscent of a Belgian Tripel but it decided to take matters upon its own hands and that is where things could have worked. In appreciation of everything that is and could have been:

Oz Scale: 6.7
Mike Scale: 6.3

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