Sunday, December 7, 2008

Unibroue Trois Pistoles

Oh, Canada: Wild uninhabited forests, snow, moose, Prince Edward Island and a just aboot as beautiful scenery as Alaska. However, Canada does have horrible things: Nickelback, Celine Dion, Eskimos, premises to John Candy movies and shitty breweries. Redemption comes from Unibroue, a microbrew from Chambly, Quebec, that has opened the minds of beer lovers since 1993.

Their complex beers have yet to fail us and Trois Pistoles is no exception. Dark, fruity and complex flavors dangle on your tongue well after the brew has slipped down the throat. The flavor has a Belgian style overtone with the best, sweet properties of good wheat beer. This would be a great jump for someone who adores Hoegaarden and its imitator Blue Moon.

High in alcohol and rich in taste, this four-pack has us seeing stars like a juke box hero. This 9% ABV beverage is well worth the price and I'm sure it will cover our pallet at least once more. This has renewed our faith in Canada (did we ever though?) The only downside to the bottled fermented ale is that we didn't have more.

Oz Scale: 8.7
Mike Scale: 8.4

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byroninbahrain said...

I like Nickleback.

And Eskimos.

Well, scratch Nickleback but I still like Eskimos.

Fuck you.