Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oi! Here Comes Chanukah... Beers

Disclaimer: No Jewish jokes. We promise. We are big fans of the Jews: The potato pancakes, the killing of Jesus, clay toys and Spaceballs. What is not to love? Let's celebrate! We know we are a little early but 'tis the season for holidays (and winter seasonals.)

This is the third of our holiday blind beer tastings. However, today we are doing things a little different. Rather than just a third of a beer, we are feeling a little saucy. Eight full beers. God jul us all. C'mon, on paper Judas f'ing ruled.

With us once again is our good friend Nick to keep us from cheating. The main rule for this tasting stated that there should be no Christmas ales considering this is Chanukah. However, since Christmas happens to fall on one of the days of Chanukah this year, we have just one Xmas brew. The choices of the day were: Abita Christmas Ale, Avery Old Jubulation Ale, Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout, Heavy Seas Winter Storm, Michelob Winter Cask Ale (Their first of our knowledge to not have a twist top,) Samual Adams Winter Lager, Stoudts Winter Ale and Weyerbacher Winter Ale.

First Candle: Unfiltered, possibly bottle fermented. Well balanced taste with slightly more hops than malt. Nice copper color, pours easily down the throat but finishes weak compared to the taste. Could work as a yearly IPA.

Oz Scale: 8.4
Mike Scale: 8.5
Nick Scale: 9.0

Second Candle: Dark in color, slightly tart in taste. Surprisingly chugable. An accessible brew. Nothing above average but not terrible.

Oz Scale: 5.8
Mike Scale: 5.4
Nick Scale: 5.3

Third Candle: This is a brew that promises but does not deliver. It is hoppy, sweet and has no balance. What are we supposed to be drinking? "It creates flustrations deep down inside of me." says Oz. This is a bisexual brew, it dabbles into the extremes but doesn't make any decision either way. "It is like a chick who says she is into bondage," Nick adds, "but only uses scarves."

Oz Scale: 5.7
Mike Scale: 5.6
Nick Scale: 5.0

Forth Candle: Rich and full bodied, similar to a porter without the full malty bite. More drinkable than most stouts with a complex, rich delectable taste.

Oz Scale: 8.5
Mike Scale: 8.1
Nick Scale: 8.3

Fifth Candle: See video post:

Oz Scale: 5.4
Mike Scale: 5.4
Nick Scale 5.7

Sixth Candle: Dark, robust, lavishes on your tongue. Satisfying finish that surprisingly lingers for more.

Oz Scale: 7.9
Mike Scale:8.1
Nick Scale: 8.4

Seventh Candle: This is a safe beer. Average color and taste. The drinkability is there but it was probably because of the gaps between brews. "Naps are great!" adds Mike. The other two puked in various places.

Oz Scale: 5.3
Mike Scale: 5.5
Nick Scale: 5.0

Eighth Candle: Slightly dark. Once again, a safe beer. Above average taste that gets mad props for its high drinkability. Afterall, this is our eighth beer.

Oz Scale: 5.5
Mike Scale: 5.6
Nick Scale: 6.7

The actual brews:
1: Heavy Seas Winter Storm (averaged 8.6)
2: Weyerbacher Winter Ale (averaged 5.5)
3: Avery Old Jubulation Ale (averaged 5.4)
4: Stoudts Winter Ale (averaged 8.3)
5: Michelob Winter Cask Ale (averaged 5.5)
6: Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout (averaged 8.1)
7: Abita Christmas Ale (averaged 5.3)
8: Sam Adams Winter Ale (averaged 5.9)

This brings our winter season ranking to this:

20: Breckenridge Christmas Ale (averaged 4.6)
19: Flying Dog K-9 Cruiser Winter Ale (averaged 5.0)
18: Abita Christmas Ale (averaged 5.27)
17: Thirsty Dog 12 Dogs of Christmas Ale (averaged 5.33)
16: Avery Old Jubulation Ale (averaged 5.4)
15: Michelob Winter Cask Ale (averaged 5.5)
14: Weyerbacher Winter Ale (averaged 5.53)
13: Sam Adams Winter Ale (averaged 5.9)
12: Blue Moon Full Moon (Average 6.3)
11: Summit Winter Ale (Averaged 6.7)
10: Corsendonk Christmas Ale (Averaged 7.2)
9: Magic Hat Roxy Rolles (Average 7.3)
8: Troegs Mad Elf Ale (Averaged 7.8)
7: Bell's Christmas Ale (Averaged 8.0)
6: Great Lakes Christmas Ale (Averaged 8.07)
5: Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout (averaged 8.13)
4: Stoudts Winter Ale (averaged 8.3)
3: Rogue Santa's Private Reserve (Averaged 8.57)
2: Heavey Seas Winter Storm (averaged 8.63)

and the winner thus far:

1: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale (Averaged 8.8)

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