Monday, November 3, 2008

Death By Beer: Bell's Expedition Stout

What will $16.99 get you? A trip to the seventh layer of hell thanks to Bell's. 10.5% of pure Beelzebub's ball sack. Or rather a hefty kick to Beelzebub's ball sack. Bell's Expedition Stout is (to quote Winking Lizard) "not for the faint of heart." Therefor those with a heart condition or pregnant women must consult a physician before attempting to drink.

Once you begin the pour, you know you are in for some serious business (check the video below.) The color and texture are reminiscent of motor oil that should have been changed 5,000 miles ago. The aroma foreshadows the 10.5 ABV kick. We both agree that this brew should be enjoyed out of a bottle so that you don't get the full on wind-knocking-out-of flavor. The taste isn't bad, just a bit much. Maybe a lot bit much.

If you are a six-pack drinker, godspeed. We wish you the best because we couldn't kill this monster between the two of us. This is the little rabbit that could. Expedition Stout is a brew to start a night or to finish a night. If you aren't careful enough, then this brew will finish you.

Considering this got us drunk,.....

Mike scale: 6.6
Oz Scale: 6.9

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