Monday, December 15, 2008

Dogfish Head Immort Ale

$14 for a four pack? 11% ABV Dogfish Head? Our we that big of label whores? The answer to all three of these things is "yes." The blind beer tastings only slightly disproved our whorish ways, so here we are again. Tonight's journey brings us to Immort Ale, a strong ale aged in oak barrels and bottle fermented brought to us by one of our favorite breweries, Dogfish Head.

It kicks harder than Christopher Reeve's horse from start to finish. The flavors come in waves as the initial taste sends you in a different direction than the beer ultimately leads to. It is a strong ale; so those who can not take punch need not attempt.

In no way does the hop characteristics take over the flavor. The initial smoke flavor is layered on by a slight sweetness as the beer finally balances between hops and barley. With a strong ale, you do expect a kick in the ass and it delivers that. However, we would prefer a little more hop bitterness to the finish but beggars can't be drunks. Then again, I guess they can be.

Oz Scale: 7.9
Mike Scale: 7.9

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