Monday, February 2, 2009

Three Floyds Brian Boru

Brian Boru. Yeah, I think I know that guy. I'm pretty sure he used to come to our shows. He was the guy from Ireland that is flying out to check out This Dust Was Once the Man at Peabody's in Cleveland February 12th and February 20th at the Cove. Well, after he conquers vikings in Ireland. Enough of that shameless self promoting, let's talk about the beer!

A strong smell deceives the smoothness and light body feel of this red ale. Quite shocking given the description and label on the bottle. Who knew warriors could be so soft? The finish gives a red ale familiarity but not before the complete lack of substance.

The flavor is unique given the circumstances and gives a new twist on a classic. The smell and color give you a false sense that you are in for something serious but in the end, this viking forgot to sharpen his axe. He died and so did our faith in Three Floyds. Well, this is strike one for them. We hope they live up to their reputation, it is just hard for us to get our hands on anything else from this brewery.

Oz Scale: 6.1
Mike Scale: 6.4

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