Monday, August 10, 2009

Weyerbacher Zotten

Weyerbacher has long caught our eye when it comes to beer despite the subpar labels on the bottles. From our very first sip of Double Simcoe IPA, we grew ever eager to try more from this brewery. Many have dominated our taste buds (Heresy, Blasphemy and Imperial Pumpkin Ale to name a few) so we were excited that these kind brewers would bless us with yet another beverage. Weyerbacher's newest creation, Zotten, is a Belgian Pale Ale. At 6%, this "session beer" still beats any of the ice domestics you can get at your local NE Ohio grocery in ABV.

Zotten, Belgian for "joker," pours a clear amber color with a Belgian Ale style smell and frothy white head. The brew has a creamier taste than what the label promises with hops hidden beneath its classic Belgian fruit flavor. The brew flows freely down the throat making it incredibly drinkable given the style.

Zotten is an every day style beer. Given the drinkability, its shocking that the brew comes in just four packs. There is nothing too innovative about it, just a slight different take on a classic. We would like more of a bite on the back end of the brew. The hops are promising but lead to a dead end street. This could be a great trasitionary brew to get someone into the style, i.e. Mike's girlfriend. Now if he could only get her to swollow something else frothy and creamy...

Oz Scale: 7.2
Mike Scale: 7.3

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Mark said...

Hey Mike...
Went to upick6 in Erie again, got a mixpack of (1 each) Weyerbacher simcoe IPA, O'Fallon smoke porter,Poet Oatmeal Stout,Bells Oberon, Dogfishhead Brown, and Anchor Liberty Ale,for about $13 along with a case of Lienenkugels Red, $26. "All" Bell's cases are only $37, I got a case of the sampler. Good god I drink too much>>>
I didn't see the Zotten up there, I must go to lena's.
Well Octoberfest beers are here, so let me know if you find "Kostritzer Octoberfest" as good as ayinger and a little cheaper, Hard as hell to find. big party the 22nd you should try to show up....Ribs,Walleye,Perch,Brats(beer brats of course)....Cheers