Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dag Gum Beer Re-View: Old Milwaukee Beer

Hey y'all. We done stolen our sisters virginity, this web site and a 30 pack of old milwaukee Beer. We got tired of them thar prissy beers and decides us to drink a real man beers. We got these here beer cuz it have red and white on the box. hAlf the American flag. Dya no what? Whuts better than cornholin yar old yeller behind the barn, some Capps pizza and old Milwaukee.

First wed like to note the smell. It smell like steel. the steel that my great granpappy used to build the best nation in the world. America. Drinks like mississippi. clearer than. sounds like a roarin Leonard Skinner concert. Great for beating your wife. You can drink a lot and it dont make you no fool. You can mov e real kwicke like. My favorite things about it is how it tastes. America. Glad no goddam japs aint ruined no American pastime. This be the old milwalkee. even our coondog otis loves it two. i tell you whut.

Its one of them beers where you drink one of them beers and then you drink another one of them beers before anutter you done drank all them beer and aint even know it. That good. like AMerica. just like my cousin bobby james said 'if it looks like your sister- fuck it. if it looks like your wife[ beat it. if it looks like old millwalkey- drink it.' i'm done bringin a case to my next Brick Stonewall & the United States of Awesome show. real merican values for real amercans.

on a ten chart. ten being papst blue ribbons- the best. zeros being genny cream ale.

Ozzy James Dio skales - Flat 6 LIKe my cuz
Mickeys Malt Fister slakes - like the age of my dream girl 7
Nicky Jo skales - 7 like the fingers i's gots


Mark said...

Outstanding...I need to hang out with you guy's.

Michael Gunter said...

thankfully oz ane mike have taken back over their blog and we hope nothing like that ever happens again.

Anonymous said...

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byroninbahrain said...