Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Atwater Block Brewery's Atwater Hell

Hell..... Well, hell, it caught our eye. How the hell could we resist? Sitting in the top righthand side of the north wall of Harbor Beverage sat our destiny. The bottom of the box read "Atwater Block Brewery is located in the heart of Detroit's Rivertown district on the banks of the Detroit River (at-water, river, get it?) It's full of good food, good people, (sic) and the best beer anywhere." LIARS! Well, at least the latter. We can not attest to the former.

The color looks like Mike's urine during a full blown stomach ulcer (coming soon to the color wheel at your local Home Depot.) Before we get to the bad stuff, i.e. the taste: let's get to the pour. More like the poor (hey-o!) If you want a proper pour, you'll have to go slower than the fermentation process. This brew will give you more head than Heather Brooks could ever imagine, I wouldn't touch this beer again with an 8-mile pole. Finishing the 6-pack was a chore, the only way we could justify about drinking the brew was "At least it's not Bud Light."

With a sweet start and no finish, this brew makes you want PBR for salvation. You will sip on this beer as if you were recovering a hangover. Seriously... THAT slow. The only thing postive we could say about it was at least it wasn't a d-12 pack. With that said, here is our ranking:

Better than Budlight
Worse than PBR

enought said.


byroninbahrain said...

I like Bud Light.

byroninbahrain said...

And furthermore, you all suck at pouring beer.